Sebo AUTOMATIC X7 PET ePower Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

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Whatever your cleaning needs, the 91540GB is a must for cleaning dust, dirt and pet hair. Designed for homes with furry friends, this Sebo vacuum cleaner gives you an incredible combination of power and convenience.

Engineered for Excellence

When you buy Sebo, you can trust that you’re getting professional quality, performance and reliability. Constructed from the highest quality materials with German engineering, the 91540GB won the IER Best Floorcare Product of the Year Award 2018.

Ease of use and convenience have also been prioritised, without compromising on power. This Sebo vacuum cleaner is versatile for all your needs, going flat for those hard-to-reach places like under furniture. Also coming with a 10 metre cable, and designed to work on a range of surfaces – including tile, laminate and parquet – you can rest assured that every inch of your home will be spotless with Sebo’s 91540GB.

Featuring a large 5.3 L capacity bag, this model allows you to clean for longer without having to change bags. And, as it’s bagged, you won’t have to worry about the mess and hassle of emptying the cleaner. When it's full, just swap the bag for a new one – it’s as easy as that. The bags are also completely sealable, preventing dust and odours from escaping.

Made with pet owners in mind, this cleaner’s powerful suction works deep into carpets to remove the most stubborn dirt and embedded fur. Plus, the S-Class filtration system removes dust particles and allergens from the air, while activated charcoal in the filter works to remove bad odours. The anti-allergy design even has official approval from the British Allergy Foundation.

Amazing Features

One of the 91540GB’s most impressive features is its innovative Computer Control System. This optimises the cleaner’s performance on all floor types automatically, ensuring the brush is always at the correct height. It even keeps the machine protected by shutting the motor down if it detects a blockage.

This model’s high-performance motor and efficient air flow design combine to give outstanding cleaning. Air bypasses collected debris as it flows into the micro filter through the bag’s sides, giving you efficient and reliable cleaning performance. In need of some more power for a particularly stubborn spot? The Boost function gives you a quick surge of extra suction at the press of a button.

You’ll find a variety of other useful features with this Sebo vacuum cleaner. These include: an integrated wand with extra-long hose, a Stair and Upholstery Turbo Brush, a crevice nozzle for awkward angles, and even a floor-level searchlight for those spots you might have missed. And, the cassette-style brush roller is designed for convenient removal, making it easy to clear hair and blockages.

Offering extraordinary power and reliability, the Sebo 91540GB will make doing the housework a breeze. Coming with an onyx black and silver finish, it will be a great addition to your home. Buy one today from Euronics.